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Did you know you can refer your friends to join the iGain Network?

That’s right! iGain just started a refer a friend program. When you refer another publisher to join iGain you will receive a $25 credit in your account. There is no limits so you can refer as many friends as you would like!

How it Works? We promise, it’s simple.

1. Log into your iGain account and pull your unique referral link.

⋅ Your link can be found under the “Reports” tab.

⋅ Click on “Referral Reports”
Referral Report #iGain
⋅ Your unique link will display on top of the referral report page on. Also on this page you can see who’s signing up, and how much money you’ve earned from referrals as time goes on.Referral Report #iGain

2. Share this link with your friends.

3. When someone signs up for iGain using your unique link you will be credited with $25 automatically upon their approval.

As we promised, it’s simple! If you do have any questions please contact your account manager.