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iGain's Four Weeks of Giving

Are you Ready for iGain’s Four Weeks of Giving?

7 Days of Spinning iGainiGain is officially in the holiday spirit and we cannot wait for you to see what we have in store for you! For this month’s promotion, we want to give everyone a chance to win! All YOU need to do is send a total of 5 conversions to ShopTracker each week to be entered. This promotion starts Friday, December 1st and will end Friday, December 29th. Winners will be announced on the following Monday of each week.


Every week we will be choosing one lucky winner to take a spin at our spin wheel and win one of our amazing prizes, just in time for the holidays! Be sure to check our Facebook page to see if your one of our lucky winners.


ShopTracker: $4.00 CPA 

*Incent Allowed*

Offer Details: Earn a $3 Virtual Visa Reward instantly within minutes! Download the ShopTracker App to your PC or mobile device and link your online shopping account.
User Flow:
1.) Complete the registration 1 pg form (validation)
2.) Take quick survey (4-5 questions) to see if the users qualify (they just need to have an Amazon account)
3.) App install.
4.) Use the app to login to Amazon account.
Conversion: User installs the app, and syncs their online shopping account.
Restrictions: Absolutely no traffic sent as a result from a post on Craigslist, Jobs2Careers, or any similar job posting board is prohibited.
Click here to view: Preview Link




Not running ShopTracker? Contact you account manager to get started or login to your iGain account. Not a member of iGain? Apply today! 

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