Our Company

About iGain

iGain, established in 2011, is a pay-for-performance affiliate network with a large variety of premium consumer offers. iGain provides a reliable real-time tracking platform and fast service for advertisers and publishers. With on-time payment, fraud prevention technology, and a great account management team, iGain is a leading network in the affiliate space and the number one affiliate network in Market Research!

Advertisers join iGain to drive more traffic to their offers while publishers join iGain to monetize their web and mobile traffic. iGain only accepts advertisers and publishers with good quality offers and web properties into the program to reduce fraud and increase positive partner experience.

iGain is owned and operated by iGain LLC and is part of the Reimagine group of companies.

Meet The Team

Our team is made up of the industry’s top talent. With a strong passion for helping advertisers and publishers succeed.  Meet the fun spirited masterminds behind our brand!

Matt Hynes

Managing Partner

Matt is the Managing Partner at iGain and the brains of the operation, located at our Headquarters just a few miles north of Boston. Matt is an established industry leader in developing and implementing new ways to identify and access diverse user populations. His creative approaches lead to the development of innovative methods to increase capacity and change the overall dynamics of traditional online panels. His background includes senior-level roles with Greenfield Online and Vision Critical. Matt is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston. When Matt is not at work you can find him at Fenway Park, enjoying a ball game with his family.  

Favorite ice cream flavor: Ben & Jerry’s famous Cherry Garcia

Joel Rose

VP, Business Development

Joel is the Vice President of Business Development at iGain and a seasoned Business Development professional, with a background in performance marketing, market research, user acquisition and mobile/online advertising. Prior to joining iGain’s team Joel was responsible for growing uSamp/Instantly’s global panel from 4 million to 12 million users while maintaining a positive ROI. Joel is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles. When Joel is not working you can find him writing songs, watching/playing sports, exercising, traveling and spending time with his family.


Favorite ice cream flavor: Rainbow Sherbet

Brendan Cronin

Affiliate Marketing Manager

Brendan is the Affiliate Marketing Manager at iGain and commonly referred to as iGain’s pixel master. Brendan is devoted to building long-lasting relationships with advertisers and publishers. Prior to joining iGain’s team Brendan worked with top executives in the finance industry and has experience bringing a ROI-centered approach to projects. He has worked in the freelance marketing sector, as well as been involved in grassroots programs. Brendan is a graduate of Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. Brendan comes from a large family so when he is not at work you can find him at a family function!


Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookies and Cream

Alyssa Thompson

Affiliate Marketing Manager

Alyssa is an Affiliate Marketing Coordinator at iGain. Alyssa focuses on strengthening existing relationships while growing new opportunities with Advertisers and Publishers alike. She is consistently expanding our online presence by networking to potential affiliate partners. Alyssa is a graduate from Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. When Alyssa is not networking you can find her baking gourmet treats.


Favorite ice cream flavor: Oreo

Natalie Gaynor

Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

Natalie joined the iGain team as an Affiliate Marketing Coordinator. Natalie is constantly creating new relationships and turning these relationships into awesome affiliates to the iGain Network. Prior to working at iGain, Natalie worked as a barista at Starbucks and as a teller at a bank. Natalie is a graduate from The University of New Hampshire. She has two cats named Jack & Jill and she is an avid listener of podcasts and audiobooks!


Favorite ice cream flavor: Black Raspberry Chip

Lydia Bucklin

Affiliate Advertiser Coordinator

Lydia is an Affiliate Advertiser Coordinator at iGain. Lydia’s focus is on helping create strong relationships between advertisers and publishers. Lydia grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and attended Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire. After University, Lydia ventured west to live in San Diego for a year and a half. Lydia is a huge animal lover, particularly dogs and has a one year old rescue Pit Bull. In Lydia’s spare time she loves to travel.


Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookie Dough